hegebeintumThe terp of Hegebeintum is the highest of Fryslân. The Frisian landscape is filled with terpen, these man made mounds protected the people and their cattle against floods. These mounds were built-up repeatedly with clay, dung and household waste. There are over a 1000 mounds in Fryslân. The city centre of Leeuwarden was also built on 3 mounds. The majority of the mounds have reached heights of 2 – 7 metre above sea level. The mound of Hegebeintum is the highest of them all at almost 9 metre! So if you want to visit a mound, it’s got to be this one.
Around 1000 AD dyke-building had begun which made the mounds less necessary. They remained intact however until the 19th century, when the removal of the fertile soil started, which was used as manure for infertile fields. The mound of Hegebeintum was also partly dug off. The archaeological findings that were found are on display in the visitors centre. For a small fee you can also enter the unusually rich decorated protestant church.

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Open: Sun 12:00-17:00, Mon-Sat 10:00-17:00 (Apr-Oct) Tue-Sat: 10:00-17:00 (Nov-Mar)
Distance to Leeuwarden (city centre): 21,8 km


Just outside of Leeuwarden you can find the Poptaslot (Popta Castle), aka Heringa State. The history of this manor goes back to the 15th century, when it was founded by the Heringa family as a fortified manor house. In 1603 the van Eysinga family acquired the manor by inheritance, converted it and gave it the appearance it still has today. Following the death of the last member of that family living at Poptaslot, in 1687, her heirs sold the manor to Dr. H. Popta. Up to his death in 1712, Dr. Popta used Heringa State, chiefly as a summer residence. Ever since then the house has never been lived in.
As a museum Poptaslot welcomes visitors to look round the various rooms, which are still fully and delicately furnished in 17th and 18th century style. On the upper floor are the finely worked oak box beds dating from about 1540. Also the ‘Almshouse’ founded by Dr. Popta in 1712 to offer widows in need and single elderly women a carefree old age is certainly worth visiting. From July to  August you can visit the Poptaslot and get a guided tour!

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Slotleane 1, Marssum
Open Mon-Sat 11:00-17:00 (July-August)
Admission charges: Adults € 6,-, Children < 12 Year € 3,-
Distance to Leeuwarden (city centre): 6,3 km