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A Guide to Leeuwarden is the guide for tourists, students and inquisitive inhabitants of Leeuwarden. We’d love to show you around on one of our walking tours. Below we wrote down the answers to the frequently asked questions.

When do the walking tours take place?
– Every Saturday at 12:00 (noon) there is an English Leeuwarden Free Tour. Besides this one we’ve got a few tours in other languages. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 13:30 we do a Leeuwarden Tour (Dutch Only). On Friday we do the Friese Verhalen Tour (Dutch Only), Saturday at 12:00 there will also be a Dutch tour. And at 14:00 there will be a Dutch and a German tour. It is also possible to book a private tour on any day of the week.

Can I also do a tour on another day?
– Yes, this is possible. Our guides are available thoughout the week. So send us a message and we can see if we can arrange a private tour for you.

Are tours also possible in other languages?
– Yes, we can do tours in Dutch, English, German, Frisian, Spanish, Italian and French. All our guides speak Dutch and English and some even Frisian. We also got a few guides that have German as their native language. One guide is a Spanish teacher and we’ve got a French student. (Check the video below and don’t forget to turn your subtitles on).

How much does a private tour cost?
Our standard tours last about 1,5 hour and costs 75,- euro. A one hour private tour costs 50,- euro. Both prices are including taxes. For longer tours and special wishes please contact us.

Can I cancel my booked tour?
Yes, once you’ve booked a tour you can still cancel it 48 hour prior to the tour. If you cancel within 48 hours before the tour was planned, we will charge to costs of the tour.

Where does the tour start?
– Our tours always start at the Oldehoofsterkerkhof. That’s the square in front of the Oldehove (the leaning tower of Leeuwarden). Our guide will wait for you at the entrance of Obe. This is on the opposite site of the big mural of Maria Louise, at the corner of the Heer Ivostraatje and Grote Kerkstraat. You can spot a pink flag with the words ‘Start Walking Tours’. Download our map or use Google maps. Themed and private tours might start at different locations.

How do I recognise our guide?
– All our guides wear a blue keychord with their name and logo of A Guide to Leeuwarden on it. They will also carry a white linen bag with the words ‘Follow Me, I am’ and the words ‘A Guide to Leeuwarden’ written on it. If you booked a private tour, you can have a look on our tour guides page to see how your guide look’s like.

How much does a Fee Tour cost? 
– At a Free Tour, you don’t have to pay anything upfront. At the end of the tour you can give the guide a voluntary donation that suits your budget. You decide for yourself what you thought the tour was worth. Our guides do not get payed in any other way for the Free Tours. They greatly appreciate any voluntary donation.

Can a Free Tour be a good tour? 
– Yes! Because our guides only work on a tip basis, they work twice as hard. You can assume that your guide will do everything to make sure you’re having a good time. For this reason our tours have been rated as the best tours of Leeuwarden on TripAdvisor.com for three years!

Is there also a tour when it rains?
– Rain or shine, our guides are always there for you and will do everything they can to make sure you’re also having a good time in the rain. We have never cancelled a tour because of the weather. Do dress up according to the weather. Especially in the winter it can be cold.

What are the group sizes?
– That’s every time a surprise for us. But most of the times between 5 and 25 persons. If there are more people, we try to dived the group in two.

Do we have to sign up?
– Yes, please let us know in advance. Our tours can be pretty popular and we don’t like to dissapoint people, so please sign up beforehand at the Free Tour page or use the contact form below. We will try to arrange an extra guide if neccecary. If your group is bigger than 10 persons, it might be better to book a private tour.

Is the Tour always the same?
– Not really. We have ‘standard’ routes, but what you will actually see and hear depends on your guide, the weather, things going on in the city, etcetera. Moreover, our tours are always evolving as we continue to learn new stuff and see the city change!

Who’s behind this site
– This site is a project of Henk Leutscher, a former history teacher, world traveller, couchsurfer and Leeuwarden local.

Can I also become a guide?
– Do you like to help us and become a guide? Do join our tour and get to know us.

Do you recommend tours in other cities?
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Worldwide:  freetoursnetwork.

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