Street Art Map

About: The Street Art Map is an A3 Map with 2 different do-it-yourself walking routes along the most beautiful Street Art in Leeuwarden. The information on the map is in Dutch, but you can still use the map even if you don’t speak dutch to hunt the most beautiful street art. Via the QR code on the map, you can also get all the information in English.
On the route ‘rondje station‘, you will search for the rough edges of the city around the Leeuwarden train station. Here you will discover large murals and lots of fresh graffiti. The route is about 5km. Check a preview on Instagram
On the route ‘rondje binnenstad‘ you will also discover plenty of street art between the historic buildings of the old city centre of Leeuwarden. The Street Art here is sometimes a bit more hidden and sometimes a bit smaller in size, but you will also disver very beautiful street art in the city centre. We also give you tips for nice shops and restaurants. The route is about 4km. Check a preview on Instagram.

Paper Map: The paper map with both routes costs only 5 euro and is for sale at: Videokring to Go, Hotel Post-Plaza, Klup de Dag, Ut Streekie, Hardwerk Fogeltje, NØRD, Visitor Center Leeuwarden and the Fries Museum.

Download: You can download the route ‘rondje station‘ as a PDF version. This printable A4 version of the map costs only 3,00 euro. But the route ‘rondje binnenstad’ is not included. If you want both routes, then buy the paper version.

Total: € -