LUNA Tours

From 30 september until 2 october 2021 we will organise special Tours for the LUNA Lightfestival in co-operation with the MediaArt Festival. These walking tours start at the Westerkerk (former Romein), Bagijnestraat 59. On Friday and Saturday at 21:15 there is also an English tour.

About the Tour

From 30 september untill 2 october the 3rd edition of the LUNA lightfestival will take place. National and International artists and desigers will show light-art and design, media artist will surprise you with art on unusual locations. Join the enthousiastic guides from A Guide to Leeuwarden and discover the story behind the artist and the light artworks that will brighten up the city during the LUNA festival.

A Little bit different: This year the tours will be a little bit different than the last couple of years. We will walk in small groups of max. 12 persons and you have to buy a ticket beforehand to join. The Guide will give you information about the artworks, but also the guarantee that you don’t have to queue to watch the artworks. A number of artworks are in enclosed area’s and there will be some crowdmanagement in order to control the amount of people that will be together. So big chance you will have to queue every now and then to get inside. Except if you join our tours, as there will be special places for the tours reserved.

Practical information

Friday 1st until Saturday 2nd of October 2021 at 21:15 o’Clock in English

De LUNA Tour starts at the Westerkerk (former romein), Bagijnestraat 59. Our guides will be waiting for you to guide you around. You can easily recognise the guides by the lights on their head.

€ 12,50 p.p. (excl. servicecosts)

The tours take about 1,5 hours

Most tours are in Dutch, but on Friday and Saturday there will also be an English Tour at 21:15.

Maximum Group Size
We will take a max. of 12 people on our tours.