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Poetry Slam Leeuwarden

poetryslamThe “Poetry Slam Leeuwarden“ was set up in the beginning of 2015, the idea behind it was to create something that didn’t exist in Leeuwarden so far. A nice evening during the week where you can hang out, listen to poetry and connect with new people, even make friends. The Slam always takes place on a Wednesday night in different locations. There are three rounds in which the public gets to decide the winner/s of each round. In the first round all Slammers get the chance to impress the public, who will decide at the end of each round. For the second round the four Slammers with the most votes from round one each get 5 minutes to make an impression and get into the final round. The final round is made up of the two remaining Slammers who each get again 5 minutes to win the prize of the evening. Although most of the Slammers write in Dutch there is no limitation to language.
If you’re interested feel free to contact the “Poetry Slam Leeuwarden” on facebook.

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Location changes
Meeting: on a Wednesday