Boat and Brochje

This is the Dutch and Frisian version of a Bed & Breakfast. Because we have so much water this is off course on a boat. Most of these historical ships used to sail cargo. In the Museumharbour you can find a lot of historical ships. On a few of these ships you can also find a Boat & Brochje. These are boats so sometimes they also sail away. So always check their website if they are in Leeuwarden.

De Sterrenwind
Westersingel 8
8911 BC Leeuwarden
+31 (0) 650 29 59 60
Single person € 35,00 including breakfast
Two persons  € 60,00 including breakfast
Distance to the Waag (city centre): 850 m
Old Frisian Tjalk in the museum harbour.

Nova Cura
Willemskade 64
8911 BC Leeuwarden
+31 (0) 651980540
Per person € 35,00 including breakfast
Distance to the Waag (city centre): 600 m
Historical sailing ship in the museum harbour.

Zwarte valk
+31 (0) 6516 07 456
Per persoon € 35,00 including breakfast
Distance to the Waag (city centre):
This old Cargoship from 1889 spends its winter months in Leeuwarden. Accommodation up to 16 persons.

MPS Elisabeth
Harlingertrekweg 57
8913 HR Leeuwarden
+31 (0) 624588857
Single person € 38,00 including breakfast
Two person Cabin € 60,00 including breakfast
Distance to the Waag (city centre): 1,1 km
Old cargo ship with 4 cabins.

Johanna Laetitia
Historical sailing ship, called a ‘Tjalk’.

Not every Boat & Brochje has it’s own website. But you can find more at If you rather stay somewhere else you can browse through our other sleep options.