Selam markt

This shop is located somewhat outside the city centre, but at the end of ‘Het Vliet’ you will find the Selam markt. A combination of various shops. Amongst them are a hairdresser, a Surinamese take away, an electronics shop, a supermarket and a bakery. Don’t let this curious get together of shops or it’s appearance scare you, because here they sell the best Turkish bread of Leeuwarden.

To buy bread, you have to enter the door next to the beautician. When you enter the room, the warmth of the bread oven comes straight towards you. The bread is spread out over the room and most of the time it will still be warm. Sometimes, you even have to wrap it up yourself. What’s good to know is that they are also open on Sundays.

Selam Markt I Food, Shopping
Location: Noordvliet (show on map)
Open: Mondays – Sundays