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A Guide to Leeuwarden is a young company that is founded in 2013 by Henk Leutscher. Nowadays we are with a full team of enthusiastic and young guides that love to show the beauty of Leeuwarden. Meet our team below!

is the founder of A Guide to Leeuwarden. He moved to Leeuwarden in 2001 to study history. After finishing his degree he left Leeuwarden twice to travel the world for a year but he always came back. In 2013 he set up A Guide to Leeuwarden. Henk does all the tours of A Guide to Leeuwarden and is also guide in the Fries Museum.

 grew up in a small town between Berlin and Hamburg and moved to Leeuwarden a few years ago to study Human Resource Management. She really liked the atmosphere of the city, so she decided the stay. Christina has a big passion for helping, inspiring and coaching people and since the summer of 2016 she shows Leeuwarden on an enthusiastic way in German, English or Dutch.

Kevin has been a guide at A Guide to Leeuwarden since the beginning of 2017. Being half English himself, he can give tours in Dutch, but he enjoys the English tours the most. Due to his background as an improvisation actor at the Leeuwarden Man met Snor he adds his theatrical flair to the tours by telling historical stories that capture the imagination.

is born in Austria and moved to Leeuwarden to studying Animal Management in 2010. Besides her knowledge about animals and nature, she also knows her way around Leeuwarden. She is a guide at A Guide to Leeuwarden since the summer of 2015 and she is happy to show you Leeuwarden on the Leeuwarden Tour, the Street Art Tour or the Beer Tour. While German is her mother language, she can also show you around in English or Dutch.

 became a guide at A Guide to Leeuwarden in the beginning of 2017. He is our only born and raised Leeuwarder. He moved to Groningen and Barcalona to study Roman Languages and Culture. At the moment he is finishing his study English. Since the end of 2016 he returned to his old hometown. Besides being a guide he works as a Spanish and English teacher. It’s no wonder that he likes to do walking tours in Dutch and those two languages.

is originally from Cologne in Germany but lived on the other side of the world for
almost 5 years. She was also a guide during her time in Thailand, with the difference that
there she spent most of the time underwater teaching tourists how to scuba dive. Meike
moved to Leeuwarden in 2017 to study Coastal Zone and Marine Management. She is a
guide in Leeuwarden since the begin of 2018 and enjoys sharing her favourite spots with you
in German and English.

Zenon grew up in a Frisian town and moved to Leeuwarden in 2011. He tried different jobs to find out what he wanted to do, and decided to study business economics. Because he loves working with people just as much as working with numbers, In the beginning of 2018 he started giving tours in English, Dutch and Frisian.

Hanneleen grew up in Sneek, one of the Frisian 11 cities. In 2014 she moved to Leeuwarden
because of here study. Nowadays she studies Spatial and Environmental planning and is
interested in history in combination with geography. Hanneleen is proud to be a citizen of
Leeuwarden European Cultural Capital of 2018 and likes to show all special places of the old
royal residence city.

Olaf is an English teacher in training who moved to Friesland as an eight year old, and has lived in Leeuwarden since 2013. He knows the city, as a musician, through squats and rehearsal rooms. Looking for a good reason to take his hiking shoes for a walk, he decided to apply for the free tours, and he gives tours in Dutch and English.

Talina is a guide since the beginning of 2016. She studied history in Leeuwarden and is now a teacher in a highschool. She is a guide for the Leeuwarden Tour in Dutch and English.

Luis, a funny Italian from South Tyrol, has been living and studying in Leeuwarden since 2016. He is very communicative, nature-loving, and has a passion to talk about the sights and daily life in Leeuwarden. During his German city tours he will make you smile with his South Tyrolean accent and will show you Leeuwarden in a professional and enthusiastic way. He would also love to offer an Italian tour in Leeuwarden!

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