Couchsurfing meeting is a website where people offer a couch to other travellers. This is not just a free place to stay. It’s an other way of travelling. By surfing a couch you really get in touch with the local people and culture. On this social network people not only find each other in need of a place to sleep but they also meet each other during events.
In Leeuwarden there is a small active Couchsurfing community who organises the yearly Welcome to Fryslân (WTF) event and a Monthly Leeuwarden Meeting in Cafe de Stee. This last one is organized every month on the Wednesday closest to the 15th and starts from 20:00 onwards. It’s a good way of meeting international (minded) people who share a love for travelling.

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Cafe de Stee (show on map)
Meeting: Every Wednesday closest to the 15th, 20:00- late