Cafe the Rooster

The Rooster is a typical Dutch cafe with the cosy, casual atmosphere of a brown cafe. The Dutch will call it gezellig. All the tables have a tablecloth, an ashtray (yes, you can smoke here) and sometimes even fresh flowers. Beer is served in bottles and you have a choice between Amstel or Heineken. Owners Agnes and Tamme will make you feel at home. Typical Dutch music is played here and sometimes a local customer will even sing a song for you.

An evening at the Rooster is not complete without  a game of spijkerslaan. This is an old fashioned game in which you have to hit a nail in a tree trunk as fast as possible. In the middle of the pub, you will find a big trunk.  In your turn, you are allowed to hit the hammer once. Girls are aloud to hit twice every round. The person who wins has to pay for the nails (0,25 eurocent a piece). The person finishing last will have to pay for the next round of beer.

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Bij de put 6 (show on map)
Open: Mon – Sun 16:00 – 1:00