Bierhuis Lampie

‘Small and cosy like the living room of a single man on age’ is how the local newspaper (LC) once described the atmosphere in this pub. From the outside, it just looks like a regular house. The light above the door, with the Amstel beer logo and the word lampie (small light), gives away that this is not just a regular house. Since the 1920’s, this place has been the local pub for people in the neighbourhood. In those years, it was the place for rough sailors and labourers who liked to drink and sometimes even got paid in the pub. Those times are long gone, but some of those customers are still there. It makes Bierhuis Lampie one of those local pubs that you just have to visit once. You can find it just outside the canals that surround the inner city.

Bierhuis Lampie | Bars, cafes & pubs
Oostersingel 32 (show on map)
Open: Monday – Saturday 16:00 – 0:00