Bierhuis Lampie

‘Small and cosy like the living room of a single man on age’ is how the local newspaper (LC) once described the atmosphere in this pub. From the outside, it just looks like a regular house. The light above the door, with the Amstel beer logo and the word lampie (small light), gives away that this is not just a regular house. Since the 1920’s, this place has been the local pub for people in the neighbourhood. In those years, it was the place for rough sailors and labourers who liked to drink and sometimes even got paid in the pub. Those times are long gone, but some of those customers are still there. It makes Bierhuis Lampie one of those local pubs that you just have to visit once. You can find it just outside the canals that surround the inner city.

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Oostersingel 32 (show on map)
Open: Monday – Saturday 16:00 – 0:00

Cafe the Rooster

The Rooster is a typical Dutch cafe with the cosy, casual atmosphere of a brown cafe. The Dutch will call it gezellig. All the tables have a tablecloth, an ashtray (yes, you can smoke here) and sometimes even fresh flowers. Beer is served in bottles and you have a choice between Amstel or Heineken. Owners Agnes and Tamme will make you feel at home. Typical Dutch music is played here and sometimes a local customer will even sing a song for you.

An evening at the Rooster is not complete without  a game of spijkerslaan. This is an old fashioned game in which you have to hit a nail in a tree trunk as fast as possible. In the middle of the pub, you will find a big trunk.  In your turn, you are allowed to hit the hammer once. Girls are aloud to hit twice every round. The person who wins has to pay for the nails (0,25 eurocent a piece). The person finishing last will have to pay for the next round of beer.

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Bij de put 6 (show on map)
Open: Mon – Sun 16:00 – 1:00

Wijde Gaper

In the city centre, above shoe shop Manfield, you can find the head of a man of Southern appearance who opens his mouth like he is yawning. Hence, his name the wijde gaper (yawner). However, he is not yawning, he is opening his mouth for medication. Because before it became a shoe shop, a pharmacy resided in this building for at least 125 years.
In earlier years, a yawner was pretty common in the Netherlands. Most pharmacies had a yawner on their shop. It was the old school sign board of this profession. The Southern appearance of the yawner was probably a symbol for the origin of the medication. And it probably also suggested a healing power of the medicine.
The yawner is a Dutch invention. Besides a few in the border region, you will not find any of them abroad. Most of them have disappeared nowadays, however. Damage caused by the weather and a lack of maintenance were probably the main causes. The yawner in Leeuwarden is not original anymore either. In 2007, the original was replaced by a replica. The original was restored and can be seen in the Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden.

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Nieuwestad 156 (show on map)
Open: 24 hours daily

Bøhm Design

[In Memoriam. Regrettably, Frans Bøhm has passed away in 2015 and this shop is no longer there] Hidden in the Slotmakersstraat, you can find three second hand shops that sell retro furniture from the fifties, sixties and seventies. Bøhm Design is the first shop you come across when you enter the street from the street Eewal. The store was the first of its kind to open its doors in this street about ten years ago. When you enter the shop you will probably first be welcomed by cat Pooh. ‘Because a shop like this needs a cat’ according to owner Frans Bøhm. After you give Pooh the attention she needs, you can look around in the shop at the original second hand furniture and accessories.

Frans Bøhm has a heart for the furniture he sells. He started out by cycling around on his bakfiets (carrier cycle) and collecting old furniture which he gave a second life. Nowadays, he has found better ways to collect second hand furniture. But he still repairs them and the most important thing to him is that his furniture finds the right owner. That’s why his prices can be quite friendly. If you can’t find what you were looking for here, neighbouring 39 Design and Tolve Design have lots of beautiful retro furniture for sale as well.

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Slotmakersstraat 8 (show on map)
Open: Thursday and Saturday 12 – 17

Selam markt

This shop is located somewhat outside the city centre, but at the end of ‘Het Vliet’ you will find the Selam markt. A combination of various shops. Amongst them are a hairdresser, a Surinamese take away, an electronics shop, a supermarket and a bakery. Don’t let this curious get together of shops or it’s appearance scare you, because here they sell the best Turkish bread of Leeuwarden.

To buy bread, you have to enter the door next to the beautician. When you enter the room, the warmth of the bread oven comes straight towards you. The bread is spread out over the room and most of the time it will still be warm. Sometimes, you even have to wrap it up yourself. What’s good to know is that they are also open on Sundays.

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Location: Noordvliet (show on map)
Open: Mondays – Sundays