Willy Suskind

This picture of Willy Suskind was made by Roy Schreuder. He painted Suskind on this utility box in front of the house where he used to live. Suskind was a much beloved teacher of German at the MTS in Leeuwarden. He was also Jewish and in 1940 he really feared the upcoming war. He even told his students that he would take the life of himself and his family if the Netherlands would be occupied by Nazi Germany, because he feared that the Nazi’s would use his handicapped son for medical experiments. On the 11th of May 1940, one day after the German attack, his students found out he did what he had told them. You can find this beautiful commemoration of Suskind on the crossing of the Spechtstraat and the Valkstraat.

Willy Suskind I Street Art
Spechtstraat 9 (show on map)
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